How can small individual initiatives transform the urban environment?
How can the image of the city change if we change the way we see it?

Loukas Bartatilas, in his first solo exhibition “Urban Details. Ongoing reflections on Patission str.”, explores the above questions, through conceptual photographic installations.

While looking at this “forgotten” artery of Athens (Patission str. used to be an important social and commercial avenue of the city), the narration starts by approaching the street context through its multiple layers, as an unfiltered and chaotic information. It continues by presenting urban details of the social and the spatial situation of the area, moving the interest from space to people. The work is completed by creating an “urban living room” -a platform of dialogue inside the exhibition space- and a series of parallel events (walks, talks, discussions), aiming to enhance inter-territorial exchanges and participatory practices among the residents of Athens as well as to activate a creative relationship between people and the city.

The exhibition is presented inside an empty shop of the street which has been transformed into a temporary showroom.

It is supported by the NEON Cultural Foundation’s program “Supporting Creativity”.